Song Information for American Eyes

Song Title:American Eyes
Artist:Lilac Time, The
{t:American Eyes}
 {st:The Lilac Time}
 By: The Lilac Time
 Capo: On First fret
 Intro: C F G
 [C]Here is a story of three young people
 [C]A girl and two boys, she's got American eyes, Am[F/G]erican eyes[C]
 [C]They left school for fame and fortune
 [C]But she was the one, the girl with the stars in her eyes[F]
 [G]Stars and stripes in her eyes
 [C]I was one of the boys, oh how I loved her
 [C]But she wouldn't see me, She shut her apple pie eyes[F]
 As b[G]lue as Jamaica skies[C]
 [C]Oh unrequited love quite often grows, a[F]nd never quit[G]e goes
 [C]Cho doh doh doh , Ohh Ohh[F] (Amer[G]ican eyes)
 [C]He was one of the boys, he joined the army
 [G]He sailed from American shores, [F]to fight the[G] foreigners' war[C]
 [F]Baby shut your eyes up tight, I swear th[F]e world won't end tonigh[G]t
 And when [F]we die our spirits f[G]ly, into th[F]e light above the s[G]ky
 [C]Ohh ohh ohh ohh[F]
 [G]American eyes[C]