Song Information for Love Me

Song Title:Love Me
Artist:Lil Wayne
{t:Love Me}
 {st:Lil Wayne}
 <i></i>lil Wayne: Love me; Public Prank Acoustic Cover.
 public prank's singing club songs to people in public video and the last one he did was
 "Love me" by little wayne. Fascinated by how well the chords DJ mustered up went with
 the song, I was determined to find out how to play it. This was done 100% by ear by me.
 Enjoy. Oh, and by the way, all credit for these chords goes to D.J. Sennett (Public
 Prank) He made this acoustic cover, I just figured out how to play it.
 Standard tuning and you need a capo on the 2nd fret. This may not be 100% correct, but
 I'm positive, for the most part its 99.999% correct. I'm not really going to post the
 whole song, but I'll give you the basics and honestly you can get the rest because it
 just repeats.
 Capo 2nd fret: (the capo is like playing open notes, so if a fret is labeled number "3"
 that means the 3rd fret starting from where the capo is placed)
 ***When there's a chord without words underneath it, that simply means switch to that
 chord before the lyrics***
 Esus4 Esus2 E6 E5 Emajor
 Intro: Esus4 Esus2 E6 E5
 Esus4 Esus2 Emajor
 I'm on that good kush and alcohol I got some down b**ches I can call
 Esus4 Esus2 Emajor
 I don't know what I would do without y'all Imma ball 'til the day I fall
 Long as my [Esus4]b**ches love me [Esus2] [E6] I can give a f**k 'bout no haters
 Long as my [Esus4]b**ches love me [Esus2] [E6] I can give a f**k 'bout no niggas
 Esus4 Esus2 Emajor
 Long as my b**ches love me pussy ass nigga stop hating Lil Tunechi got
 that fire And these hoes love me like Satan, man. [Esus4] [Esus2] f**k with me and
 get bodied...
 So yeah, sorry to cut it short, but in essence that's DJ Sennett's acoustic cover. I
 don't really have to time to tab out the rest and I really shouldn't have to because you
 can easily get the chord progression and rhythm down from just this little bit I've
 given you alone.At most, all you guys should have needed was the chords used.
 This song can go either way, if you don't have a capo, or don't know what the hell a
 capo is, no problem, just play without one. DJ did when he was filming it on the beach. The
 capo is the "studio" cover version
 Without a capo, its the exact same chords and fret numbers.
 I hope I've helped you guys out, just watch DJ's video and play along and you'll have it
 in no time!