Song Information for Narcissus in a Red Dress

Song Title:Narcissus in a Red Dress
Artist:Like, The
{t:Narcissus in a Red Dress}
 {st:The Like}
 intro: Bm C#m [2x]
 [Verse 1]
 [Bm]Where a little girl once stood
 Now sits [C#m]an empty base
 Cold and shiny
 Hard and tiny
 [F#]Difficu[Em]lt to w[D]ash aw[F#]ay
 oh, mon[G]sters get creative every day.
 [Bm]And nothing can prepare you for the day they run away
 Your f[C#m]ine tutelage is no longer needed
 So you?ve sealed your fate
 One mi[Bm]nute, she's your best friend
 Then you watch her take your place
 I g[C#m]uess that taught them all the same
 You clever little c[F#]harlata[A]ns
 Amb[D]ition gleams in o[G]verdrive
 And [A]I can't take it
 [B]What goes up must come on down
 Get your feet back on the ground
 Na[G]rcissus in a red dress
 You're like all the rest, Miss
 [B]Blinded by your own reflection
 Let the lights direct you now
 Narc[G]issus in a red dress
 You're like all the rest, I k[Bm]now.
 I k[C#m]now.
 [Verse 2]
 Behave and like the Virgin Queen
 You're just as damaged underneath
 You know, No matter how good your impersonation of me ever grows,
 Deep down you know your insides never change
 But people love it, vapid and shamesless, simply lacking taste
 They fall for the spell of Lady Macbeth
 Her calculated grace
 But I can see the hunger of compulsion in your face
 High school skinny fades away
 And you're just left with Polaroids
 capturing your fifteen minutes
 Ain't it great?
 [Chorus repeated]
 [Bm]Vanity on parade
 Vacant, frantic, and st[C#]range
 Fraught with heartache and desperation
 [Bm]Guess I loved you in vain,
 Consider this song your w[C#]ake
 Lost your head to the elevation
 [F#]All the ki[Em]ng's horses and al[D]l the king's me[F#]n
 [G]Couldn't bring you b[A]ack again
 [Chorus repeated]