Song Information for Bridge to Nowhere

Song Title:Bridge to Nowhere
Artist:Like, The
{t:Bridge to Nowhere}
 {st:The Like}
 Bridge To Nowhere - The Like
 *this is a very good song to play with acoustic guitar... enjoy it!*
 [B]Wake up It's [G#m]over aga[E]in
 The day is getting c[F#]older
 [B]Head aches, m[G#m]y mind b[E]reaks
 Kicked the covers on the f[F#]loor
 [B]Downstairs They're [G#m]laughing[E]
 Everybody's seeming ha[F#]ppy
 [B]I say it's too early
 To[G#m] smile, I h[E]aven't done that in [F#]a while
 Cuz I can't see your fa[B]ce any longer
 Not a t[C#]race any longer
 I can't h[E]ide
 I'm not laughing a[B]nymore
 I can't [B]be who you wanted me to[C#] be
 Who you wanted me to [E]see
 I don't know now what's[B] in store
 Flashbacks of times past
 I would just forget to make it last
 Turning on the lights
 I'm waiting
 Nothing seems to be changing
 Books are on the desk
 Blank papers
 Every sign of life just seems to taper
 Cuz I can't see your face any longer
 Not a trace any longer
 I can't hide
 I'm not laughing anymore
 I can't be who you wanted me to be
 Who you wanted me to see
 I don't know now what's in store
 [B]Hear me o[F#]ut
 [E]Nothing's gonna break
 [Em]Nothing's gonna break me d[F#]own, me d[G#m]own
 [E]Nothing's gonna take
 [Em]Nothing's gonna take me [F#]out
 [G#m]Oh, oh, oh, oh.[B]..