Song Information for Muscle Memory

Song Title:Muscle Memory
{t:Muscle Memory}
 Standard Tuning
 Intro: Em Bm Em Bm
 Verse 1:
 [Em]After having spent a [Bm]fast year waiting for the [Em]next time I can get you [Bm]close
 I grew [Em]used to being back here [Bm]like a chorus and rhyme s[Em]oldier at his po[Bm]st
 [Am]You call and I respond, [Em]the sparrow and the song
 [D]I miss you when you're g[C]one
 When I am a[C]lone, I see you in the [Em]dark
 I talk into the [G]empty like you were with [D]me
 Started on a [C]cold night, felt you in the [Em]low light
 Noticing the [G]reflex taking over [D]me
 I see you and I re[C]ach[Em]
 Muscle mem[G]ory[D]
 Verse 2:
 Ag[Em]ain, off into the n[Bm]ext fall I am on the [Em]back steps trying to let you [Bm]in
 [Em]See you standing in the f[Bm]ront hall maybe this is [Em]madness underneath my [Bm]skin
 [Am]Guess love is a response of th[Em]e body it haunts
 [D]And we do what it wants[C]
 [C]When I feel the change of a thousand words
 [Em]And I speak your name like I know you heard
 [D]I can feel you there, I can hear you move
 [C]And it moves me too
 [C]When I?m playing games and I?m drinking wine
 [Em]And I see your glass sitting next to mine
 [D]I can feel you there when you're not at home
 [C]Like I'm not alone