Song Information for Tingle Tangle

Song Title:Tingle Tangle
Artist:Lightning Seeds, The
{t:Tingle Tangle}
 {st:The Lightning Seeds}
 Intro: A D E (Note Emsus4: 0 2 2 2 0 0)
 The [A]tingle as you [D]spin that web of [E]lies
 Leads to a tangle that hurts the more you try
 [A]Fighting in the [D]bathroom, [Emsus4]holding back the [E]tears can make you blind
 Screaming at the new moon to swallow up the sky
 Only time can melt the ice cream clown
 And frozen tears come pouring down
 The tingle as you first look in those eyes
 Leads to a tangle of paper chains for life
 [A]Now do you feel the [D]same way too?
 After [A]all this time, could you feel the [D]same way too...
 ...could [E]you?
 I've [D]had enough of paper lies
 A giant breath could blow the [E]whole [D]world [A]down
 Tim Villa
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