Song Information for Sense

Song Title:Sense
Artist:Lightning Seeds, The
 {st:The Lightning Seeds}
 [G]I'm flying high on something [C]beautiful and aimless
 [Am]It's got a name but I pre[G]fer to call it nameless
 [G]It comes and goes and leaves me [C]on a bed of splinters
 [Am]Feel like I'm living in a [G]town closed down for winter
 (The taste of [F]love) The more you [C]get, the more you [G]want
 (And all because) The only reason is just because G F C x3
 (It all makes sense) When you're near, it all makes sense
 I'm standing high on tiptoe looking over fences
 Waiting for somebody like you to kiss me senseless
 I've had a belly full of faces drawn in sadness
 I want to jump deep into tides of loving madness