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Song Title:Lifted
Artist:Lighthouse Family
 {st:Lighthouse Family}
 Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 21:58:48 +0000
 From: Nick Mallinson
 Subject: CRD: Lifted - Lighthouse Family
 Words and Music by: P.Tucker/T.Baiyewu/M.Brammer
 Performed by: Lighthouse Family
 Transcribed by Nick Mallinson
 This is the "Unplugged" version on the UK CD single of Ocean Drive.
 I am pretty sure it needs some work, can someone fill in the missing
 or incorrectly placed chords. PLEASE!
 Intro. G /// Am7 /// G /// Am7 /// G /// Am7 /// G ////
 Verse 1
 [F]I really love to be alone w[Gm7]ithout all the,
 [F]Ache and pain and the, [Gm7]April showers
 [F]It ain't long before I [Gm7]long for you
 Like a, [F]ray of hope comin', [Gm7]through the blues
 [F]When it all get darker there,
 The wh[Gm7]ole thing falls apart I guess
 I d[F]oesn't matter about the rain,
 Cause we'll get [Gm7]through it any way
 [F]We'll get up and start again
 Cause we could be l[G]ifted, [Am7]lifted, [G]lifted
 We could be [Am7]lifted, from the [G]shadows, [Am7]lifted
 Oh we could be,[G] lifted up today, [Am7]lifted all the way
 [G]You and I forever baby, lifted, lifted, lifted
 Verse 2
 Its un-disturb-able the peace without in a,
 Bright blue space, up above the clouds
 Every thing is understandable
 You don't have to save any, thing too loud
 When our love runs out again
 Drop back down to solid ground
 I wouldn't say I was mad about the rain
 But we'll get through it any way
 We'll get back to the stars again
 Chorus 2
 Cause we could be lifted, lifted, lifted
 We could be lifted, from the shadows, lifted
 Oh we could be, lifted up today, lifted all the way
 You and I forever baby, lifted
 Oh we could be, lifted
 We could be, lifted
 Hey yea yay
 Nick Mallinson - - Surrey UK. _~o
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