Song Information for Lady of the Sea

Song Title:Lady of the Sea
Artist:Lakeman, Seth
{t:Lady of the Sea}
 {st:Seth Lakeman}
 Intro: A D A D
 O[A]ut of the moonlight in the month of [D]Ma[A]y,
 [A]This ship would take her last [D]breath.
 [A]Her full mast it was d[D]rap[A]ing,
 [A]Like a mermaid she was [D]dressed.
 H[E]er lonely h[D]eart is setting f[E]ree,
 E D (one strum)
 All her cares they went sailing out to sea.
 All those people gathered round,
 Flocked to view that lovely sight.
 All young maidens came to town,
 They waved her out into the night.
 (Back to Chorus)
 I [D]can hear her [A]calling
 I can hear her calling
 [D]I can hear her [A]calling [E]out to [D]me
 Now that mermaid's dressed in tears
 She tried to clear the rocks with swelling
 The ocean beat her everytime,
 And with a crack her body failed.
 Sea engulfed and filled our eyes.
 (Back to Chorus)
 When the news returned to the town,
 Every maid sat on the pier,
 With lovers lost and fathers never found,
 For now that mermaid`s dressed in tears.
 (Variation Chorus)
 Her lonely heart has set us free,
 As all our prayers they went sailing out to
 [A] [D]I can hear her [A]calling
 [D]I can hear her [A]calling
 [D]I can hear her [A]calling [E]out to [A]me
 [A]Now that m[D]ermaid's [A]dressed in [D]tears x3