Song Information for Fight for Favour

Song Title:Fight for Favour
Artist:Lakeman, Seth
{t:Fight for Favour}
 {st:Seth Lakeman}
 By Seth Lakeman
 From the album Kitty Jay
 Tabbed by Ian Saunders
 20 June 2009
 4/4 time
 Key of A#
 Played with capo at 3rd fret in G
 [G]I`ll sing you a song how [C]first we [D]began,
 [G]Our toils and our troubles our pl[C]ot and our plan.
 C, G/B, G6, Am7 (one stroke each)
 [Am7]We left our fair country, our fr[D]iends and our homes,
 C, G/B, G6, Am7
 Am7 (hammer on D strings).....D
 Across to the deserts wild and the mountains to roll.
 We travelled three weeks `til we came to the platt.
 Set up our camp ahead of the pack,
 In just a moment low we heard a faint yell,
 Five hundred cavalry they were riding from hell.
 [G]We fig[C]ht for f[D]avo[Em7]ur,
 [G]we will [C]fight for [D]pride,
 [G]And oh we wi[C]ll fight[D] for f[Em7]avour,
 C D (hammer on G string)
 We will fight `til they die.
 They made a bold dash came near to our train,
 Bullets fell around like showers of rain,
 With long rifles at hand we fed them hot lead
 `Til many a brave warrior around us lay dead,
 We travel by day but guard in the night,
 Across all those mountains so high in their might,
 Now in a green valley we live beside a clear old stream,
 Our journey now ended in the land of our dreams,