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Song Title:Some Mother’s Son
Artist:Kinks, The
{t:Some Mother??s Son}
 {st:The Kinks}
 Chords for "Some Mother's Son"
 From: Chris
 Some Mother's Son
 Written by: Ray Davies
 Publisher: Hill & Range Songs BMI
 Intro: 4 bars of arpeggios on Bb then, over 4 bars, Bb F Bb
 Some [Bb]mother's [F]son lies in a [Bb]field
 [D7]Someone has killed some mother's [Gm]son [F]tod[Eb]ay[Eb/D]
 [Cm]Head blown up by [F]some soldier's [Bb]gun
 [D]While all the [A]mothers stand and [D7]wait
 [F#]Some mother's [F#7]son ain't coming [Bm]home [A]to[G]day
 [Bb]Some mothers [C]son ain't got no [D]grave
 [Bb]Two soldiers [F]fighting in a [Bb]trench
 [D7]One soldier glances up to [Gm]see [F]the [Eb]sun[Eb/D]
 [Cm]And dreams of [F]games he played when [Bb]he [F]was [Eb]young
 [D]And then his fr[A]iend calls out his [D7]name
 [F#]It stops his d[F#7]ream and as he [Bm]turns [A]his [G]head
 A [Bb]second [C]later he is [D]dead (2 bars of D)
 [Bb]Some mother's [F]son lies in a [Bb]field
 [D7]Back home they put his picture [Gm]in [F]a [Eb]frame[Eb/D]
 [Cm]But all dead [F]soldiers look the [Bb]same[F][Eb]
 [D]While all the [A]parents stand and w[D7]ait
 [F#]To meet their [F#7]children coming [Bm]home [A]from [G]school
 [Bb]Some mother's [C]son is lying [D]dead
 Some[G]where someone is [D]crying
 Someone is [A]trying to be so [D]brave
 But [Bb]still the world keeps tu[F]rning
 Though all the c[C]hildren have gone [F]away[F7]
 [Bb]Some mother's [F]son lies in a [Bb]field
 [D7]But in his mother's eyes he loo[Gm]ks [F]th[Eb]e sam[Eb/D]e
 [Cm]As on the day[F] he went away[Bb][F][Eb]
 [D]They put his p[A]icture on the wall[D7]
 [F#]They put flowe[F#7]rs in the pictur[Bm]e fra[A]me[G]
 [Bb]Some mothers m[C]emory remains[D]
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