Song Information for Got My Share

Song Title:Got My Share
Artist:Joseph, Ruarri
{t:Got My Share}
 {st:Ruarri Joseph}
 capo 3
 Am G C(+ low E fret 3)
 I'd stay the night girl, but its freezing
 and the cigarettes to few
 i can't sleep right now for dreaming
 i fear i might not make it through
 [Am]it [G]ge[C]ts me all worked up inside to see you trying
 [Am]i g[G]ue[C]ss its me who's got the issues after all
 [Am]and[G] h[F]ow[G] i wish for something different and something to repair
 [Am]now i[G] got [F7]my share
 [Am]oh [G]ba[C]by i got my share
 I'd stamp your ticket but your early
 and that would not be fair
 i always wondered where you'd run too
 but always knew id find you there
 [E]Led by the wind, changes and spins like [F]a ghost you've become[E]
 [E]its a dead cert you'd win, something of a sin, but a wel[F]l deserved one[G][C]
 i'm trying hard not to forget you
 but out of sight is out of mind
 but lucky me I've just lost patience
 so now theres room for us to find