Song Information for L.A. Lady

Song Title:L.A. Lady
Artist:Hazlewood, Lee
{t:L.A. Lady}
 {st:Lee Hazlewood}
 L.A. Lady
 [C]When you're up you're a king, when you're down you're nothing.
 [F]Why? Because [G]I [C]told me so.
 When you're back against the wall, you got no place to fall.
 [F]Why? Because [G]I [C]told me so.
 [F]Go ahead and sing your lips that [G]song.
 [F]I already know what's [G]wrong with you, I do.
 You miss your L.A., L-A-[C]D-Y
 Love is short, love is long. She then took her ass and was gone.
 Why? Because she told me so.
 When you don't know what you can do, let someone do it for you.
 Why? Because I told me so.