Song Information for Molly

Song Title:Molly
Artist:Denver, John
 {st:John Denver}
 Capo 4
 [C]When I was a young man, I ran away from home
 Dm (Dm riff)
 I went to join the circus
 Went to see the [F]cotton candy [G]whirl
 And make me lots of [C]money[C/B] on my [Am]own
 For [C]Molly, o[C/B]h my [Am]pretty Molly
 But she's [F/C]waiting all a[C]lone
 [F/C]Someday soon I [C]will re[F]turn [G]to h[C]er[Cmaj7]
 [C]Then I made the big time, Bright lights show biz!
 Dm (Dm riff)
 I'm really in the circus!
 There's only [F]one thing [G]wrong;
 I haven't saved a [C]penny [C/B]on my [Am]own
 For [C]Molly, o[C/B]h my [Am]pretty Molly
 But she's [F/C]writing every [C]day
 [F/C]Molly under[C]stands so [F]it's [G]ok[C]ay[Cmaj7]
 (This section isn't entirely accurate to John Denver's version but it sounds fine)
 [Cm]Ride a windy box car
 See a thousand children [Em]young and old
 [Dm]Oh that grease paint smile
 Can [Am]hide your soul
 [Cm]Here comes a carrousel
 Guess which town it is
 F[Em]eel the thrill!
 [Dm]Grease paint covers everything
 But w[F]inter's chill
 [C] [Dm] [F] [G] [C] [C/B] [Am] [C] [C/B] [Am] [F] [C] [F] [C] [Cmaj7]
 Dm (Dm riff)
 I'm reading Molly's letter
 The ink is [F]fading
 [G]And the page is turning [C]yellow
 [C/B]Long a[Am]go I [C]promised Molly[C/B][Am]
 Don't you know [F]I[C]
 [F]I will close my [C]eyes and [F]go [G]to [C]her[Cmaj7][C]
 Dm Riff
 ~ Dan