Song Information for L.A. Freeway

Song Title:L.A. Freeway
Artist:Creager, Roger
{t:L.A. Freeway}
 {st:Roger Creager}
 A D A E 2 times
 [A]Pack up all the dishes
 [D]Make a note of all good wishes
 [A]Say goodbye to the landlord for me
 [E]Aw you know he always bored me
 [A]And throw out all those LA papers
 [D]The moldy box of Vanilla Wafers
 [A]Adios to all this concrete
 [E]Gonna get me some dirt road back streets
 Now here’s to you old Skinny Dennis
 The only one I think I will miss
 I can hear those bass notes ringin’
 As sweet and low like a gift your bringin’
 So play it for me one more time now
 You got to give it all you can now
 Well I believe every word you’re sayin’
 Just to keep on keepin’ on, keep on playin’
 Well I can [D]just get off of this [E]L.A. freeway
 With[A]out getting killed or [D]caught
 [A]Down the road in a [F#m]cloud of smoke
 To some [D]land that, baby, [E]we ain’t bought
 If I can [D]just get off this [E]L.A. free[A]way
 Leave the key card in the mailbox
 Leave the key in that old front lock
 They can find it likely as not
 There must be somethin’ we have forgot
 Oh, Susanna don’t you cry babe
 Love’s a gift and truly handmade
 We got somethin’ to believe in
 Texas is callin, baby, it’s time we were leavin’