Song Information for I Love You Anyways

Song Title:I Love You Anyways
{t:I Love You Anyways}
 From the album "Good Feeling". Lyrics by: Fran Healy
 Tabbed by Peter Reilly
 Capo 2nd fret
 Chords used:
 G (320033)
 Am (002210)
 Asus2 (002200)
 D (000232)
 Cadd9 (032030)
 G/B (020033)
 Am7 (002010)
 D7sus4 (000213)
 Dsus/A (000233)
 D7 (000212)
 Dsus2 (000230)
 [G] [Am] [Asus2] [Am] [G] 
 [G] [Am] [Asus2] [Am] [D] [Cadd9] [G/B] [Dsus4/A]
 Verse 1
 [G]You were on my mind in[Am]side the cinema[Asus2]
 [Am]You looked so beautiful
 I [D]almost had to[Cadd9] go[G/B][Dsus4/A]
 [G]When I got outside, I tho[Am]ught of you again[Asus2]
 [Am]I think you should be framed
 In some [D]fine art galler[Cadd9]y[G/B][Dsus4/A]
 [Am7]I know you'd disagr[D]ee with me[Cadd9]
 But I l[G/B]ove you any[Dsus4/A]ways
 Link 1
 [G] [Am] [Asus2] [Am] [G] 
 Verse 2
 [G]And should I climb high my[Am] dreary city wall[Asus2]s
 [Am]They make me feel so small
 Oh l[D]et me f[Cadd9]ade away[G/B][Dsus4/A]
 [G]This city's so cold and old[Am], forever rain or [Asus2]snow
 [Am]I'd really love to come and go
 Oh [D]won't you go stay[Cadd9] with me?[G/B][Dsus4/A]
 [Am7]I know you'd disa[D7]gree with me[D7sus4][D7][D7sus2][D7]
 [Am7]I just know you'd disa[D]gree[Cadd9]
 But I l[G/B]ove you any[Dsus4/A]ways
 Link 2
 [G] [Am] [Asus2] [Am] [G] 
 [G] [Am] [Asus2] [Am] [D] [Cadd9] [G/B] [Dsus4][G]
 3rd verse
 [G]You were on my mind ins[Am]ide the cinema[Asus2]
 [Am]You looked so beautiful
 I [D]almost dried[Cadd9] an eye[G/B][Dsus4/A]
 [G]And when I got outside I[Am] caught the 44
 It dropped me outside my front door
 Fo[D]rgot what I'd been[Cadd9] living for[G/B][Dsus4]
 [D]Hey [Cadd9][G/B][Dsus4/A]
 D Cadd9 G/B Dsus4/A G (3 times)