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Song Title:La La La
Artist:Tinpan Orange
{t:La La La}
 {st:Tinpan Orange}
 a really beautiful song. 3/4 timing. i just guessed the chords, the B Am bit probably
 needs a change.
 I [C]must say, I must say,
 That I loved you the mo[G]st.
 And when you went away,
 I remembered your gh[C]ost.
 I keep, I keep,
 It right in my he[G]art.
 Cause everybody knows,
 That ghosts like the da[C]rk.
 The [B]TV is on, and the f[Am]an swings around,
 Th[B]e insects are singing, 'cause th[Am]e sun's going down.
 The he[B]at is like love, and the breeze is like kisses,
 I b[D]oil two eggs and it's h[G]im that I'm missing.
 I [C]think of you, think of you,
 G (continue)
 And I feel so alive.
 Like berries, like a market,
 Like a buzzing beehive.
 I won't show it, I won't show it,
 'Cause a fool I will seem.
 So I'll sit on my hands,
 And swim in my dreams.
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 [C] [G] 
 I p[B]our another glass, and I wait [Am]for the rain,
 I drin[B]k up the milk and start co[Am]unting again.
 Each d[B]ay is closer to the humming [Am]monsoon,
 It s[D]urely returns like the f[G]lowers that bloom.
 I[C]n a way, in a way,
 G {continue}
 In an old-fashioned way,
 I'd rather die waiting,
 Than forget his name.
 When he sings, when he sings,
 On the afternoon porch.
 The song like shelter,
 And dark like a torch.
 [C] [G] 
 The TV is on, and the fan swings around,
 The insects are singing, 'cause the sun's going down.
 The heat is like love, and the breeze is like kisses,
 I boil two eggs and it's him that I'm missing.
 [C]La la la, la[G] la la,
 La la la la la la....
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