About ChordHound...

So how does this work?

It's really pretty simple. We take the chords that have been identified in songs and index them with links for the song chord tabs. This allows you to take the skills you have and filter down to songs you can play.

Where do you get the song listings?

We search and index major chord sites and provide links back to their site. We just simply make it easier to help you locate songs you can actually play, and also allow you to search by artist or title as an added bonus.

What else makes this site different as far as searching goes?

As we progress along, we'll make the site work smarter by delivering more relevant songs per search. The goal here is to provide you with songs you can play based on the chords you know, but we will also try to give you a list of the best songs first. We'll also be adding more songs as we go along.

What if I found a mistake in the chords you have listed for a song?

Hey, mistakes happen. The songs we have listed on here are actually housed on other sites, so we rely on them to make sure the chords are correct. We'll do our best to sort through the data and make it as accurate as possible.